Beautiful House Garden 6

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Beautiful House Garden

Beautiful House Garden – The garden of the senses impresses with its variety of peculiarities. With its 11 garden rooms one runs through the most different kinds. Beginning in the water garden, you get an intoxicating feeling you can also hear. Followed by the meditation garden, where the senses can recover. The Rosengarten is distinguished by its beauty. In the coloring game from white to a strong red and the smell of roses and lavender can be imagined fairy-tale.

Beautiful House Garden — Further in the theater garden you can find a Roman theater, an amphitheater. The special feature, without modern technology is a great sound possible. In the adjoining room is the seasons garden, which, as the name suggests, is decorated differently in every season. The sound garden sounds through sound sculptures and various grasses, which give their delicate sounds through the wind.

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